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TickerPrice1 month
% Change
AMREX American Growth Fund Series Two E4.76+22.25%Large Growth
UBPIX ProFunds UltraLatin America Inv46.00+12.65%Trading--Leveraged Equity
UBPSX ProFunds UltraLatin America Svc44.34+12.55%Trading--Leveraged Equity
CAFRX Commonwealth Africa10.96+12.24%Miscellaneous Region
OEPIX ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Inv13.86+12.01%Equity Energy
OEPSX ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Svc12.52+11.94%Equity Energy
WWWFX Kinetics Internet No Load52.00+9.98%Large Growth
KINAX Kinetics Internet Adv A49.10+9.96%Large Growth
KINCX Kinetics Internet Adv C44.06+9.95%Large Growth
GHAYX VanEck Global Hard Assets Y38.60+9.21%Natural Resources
GHAIX VanEck Global Hard Assets I39.75+9.20%Natural Resources
GHAAX VanEck Global Hard Assets A37.88+9.17%Natural Resources
KMKYX Kinetics Market Opportunities Inst28.03+9.11%Financial
KMKNX Kinetics Market Opportunities No Load27.68+9.10%Financial
GHACX VanEck Global Hard Assets C32.61+9.07%Natural Resources
KMKAX Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv A27.36+9.06%Financial
KMKCX Kinetics Market Opportunities Adv C26.45+9.02%Financial
SLAFX Deutsche Latin America Equity S27.08+8.96%Latin America Stock
KGLAX Kinetics Global Adv A7.22+8.94%World Small/Mid Stock
FAAFX Fairholme Allocation7.72+8.94%Allocation--50% to 70% Equity
SLARX Deutsche Latin America Equity Instl27.09+8.92%Latin America Stock
SLANX Deutsche Latin America Equity A27.12+8.90%Latin America Stock
SLAPX Deutsche Latin America Equity C25.74+8.87%Latin America Stock
WWWEX Kinetics Global No Load7.22+8.83%World Small/Mid Stock
KGLCX Kinetics Global Adv C6.83+8.78%World Small/Mid Stock
GRHIX Goehring & Rozencwajg Resources Instl10.27+8.77%Natural Resources
GRHAX Goehring & Rozencwajg Resources Retail10.23+8.69%Natural Resources
RYVIX Rydex Energy Services Inv30.39+8.61%Equity Energy
USERX US Global Investors Gld & Prec Mtls7.79+8.59%Equity Precious Metals
RYESX Rydex Energy Services A28.57+8.58%Equity Energy
FSESX Fidelity® Select Energy Service Port49.85+8.58%Equity Energy
RYVAX Rydex Energy Services H27.68+8.57%Equity Energy
RYVCX Rydex Energy Services C25.62+8.47%Equity Energy
CHOEX Chou Opportunity10.12+8.44%Allocation--50% to 70% Equity
JNRIX JHancock Natural Resources I13.25+8.29%Natural Resources
MLPNX Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus Y7.36+8.28%Energy Limited Partnership
JINRX JHancock Natural Resources 113.39+8.24%Natural Resources
OSPPX Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus I7.41+8.23%Energy Limited Partnership
JNRAX JHancock Natural Resources A13.29+8.22%Natural Resources
PJNQX Prudential Jennison Natural Resources Q42.85+8.15%Natural Resources
AVALX Aegis Value20.09+8.14%Small Value
AVFAX Aegis Value A19.95+8.14%Small Value
PNRZX Prudential Jennison Natural Resources Z42.55+8.12%Natural Resources
MLPLX Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus A7.21+8.12%Energy Limited Partnership
PGNAX Prudential Jennison Natural Resources A40.82+8.10%Natural Resources
EGLIX Eagle MLP Strategy I7.81+8.06%Energy Limited Partnership
MSAQX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp I17.98+8.05%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
MSAYX Morgan Stanley Inst Asia Opp IS17.99+8.05%Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
MLPMX Oppenheimer SteelPath MLP Alpha Plus C6.85+8.04%Energy Limited Partnership
JNRRX Prudential Jennison Natural Resources R40.14+8.04%Natural Resources
Data as of 01/18/2018