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Banks won't lend? Use these guys instead

Banks often have exhaustive approval processes, high minimums, and flawless credit requirements. But there's a wealth of non-bank alternatives for those who need capital fast. Here are some of the leaders.


alternative lending fundbox
  • Financing type: Advanced cash flow

What it is: Fundbox lets contract workers (think carpenters, plumbers, freelance writers) cash in on their invoices before actually receiving payment. It connects to a business' accounting software and essentially buys outstanding invoices. Customers pay back the amount, plus interest, in weekly payments. Exact fees are based on the specific invoice amount.

Who it's best for: Contract workers who are waiting to be paid for an invoice. Small invoice amounts see lower fees but according to Eyal Shinar, CEO of Fundbox, most customers are cashing in invoices around $1,000 and 90% of customers come back on a weekly basis.

Potential pitfalls: Interest may be low but they can add up over time. Be wary of taking out too many invoices too often. A 2% fee runs up an annual percentage rate of 24%.

Financing amount: Varies

Interest & fees: 0.7% to 2.7%

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