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Friday, September 22, 2017

Wells Fargo to cut jobs at Charlotte headquarters

The company declined to say how many people would be impacted.

Published 7:13 PM

New York Times book review sparks controversy

An error-laden New York Times book review published earlier this month has sparked controversy both inside and outside the newspaper's newsroom.

Published 6:50 PM

Killing of 'Narcos' scout resurfaces Escobar trademark feud

Pablo Escobar met his end nearly a quarter-century ago, but his legacy continues to cast a shadow over the Netflix drama "Narcos."

Published 6:45 PM

Plan to shut Obamacare site during open enrollment draws critics

The shutdown, which raised protests from navigator groups, will occur from midnight to noon on on all but one Sunday.

Published 6:32 PM

Jason Kint: Tech companies wield 'uncomfortable' amount of power over media

While many of the innovations put forward by tech companies bring about exciting new opportunities to experiment with new kinds of storytelling, Jason Kint agreed with Brian Stelter that the incredible amount power tech has over the media industry is "very uncomfortable."

Published 6:01 PM

How Mark Zuckerberg will avoid testifying in court

Facebook's board withdrew a proposal that was the subject of a shareholder lawsuit. As a result, the CEO will no longer head to court on Tuesday.

Published 5:44 PM

How Facebook sees the Russian ad scandal

The real battle Facebook is fighting isn't over regulation, but public perception. In the grand scheme of things, Facebook believes, the scandal is a minor glitch.

Published 5:34 PM

Uber CEO makes plea to London: Please work with us

Dara Khosrowshahi admits Uber is "far from perfect," but asks that officials work with Uber to "make things right."

Published 5:07 PM

Did Jimmy Kimmel kill the health care bill?

Jimmy Kimmel spent the week on TV battling a health care bill he didn't believe in. On Friday, the bill appeared to be on its last legs, and Kimmel may have played a part.

Published 5:05 PM

Tesla drops the cheapest Model S

The $70,000 Tesla Model S 75 will no longer be produced, leaving only all-wheel-drive versions of the car in production.

Published 3:42 PM

'Star Trek' braves new streaming frontier

"Star Trek: Discovery" might be beaming into the new frontier of streaming, but this latest spinoff is upholding a long tradition of using the 51-year-old franchise as the fuel to launch new services.

Published 2:36 PM

This plane may vastly improve flying in the U.S., if it doesn't first start a trade war

The C Series has been flying passengers in Europe since June 2016, and starting next year, the Bombardier CS100 will start appearing at airports around the U.S.

Published 2:08 PM

Facebook could still be weaponized again for the 2018 midterms

Facebook and its competitor social networks are part of a largely unregulated Wild West of political spending; some changes are on the way, but time is running out before the next election.

Published 1:10 PM

Uber and "Black Cab" drivers on ban decision

CNN spoke to Uber and "Black Cab" drivers about the decision by Transport for London not to renew Uber's license in the city.

Published 12:56 PM

Cool or creepy? Walmart to deliver food and put it in fridge

Walmart announced a partnership with smart security company August and delivery service Deliv that will let consumers buy food from Walmart.com and have drivers come inside the house to put it away while you watch them on your phone.

Published 12:31 PM

California cities want Big Oil to pay for costs of climate change

San Francisco and Oakland try an aggressive approach to cover the risks of rising seas.

Published 12:23 PM

With an eye on sustainability, architects embrace timber

London architecture firm Waugh Thistleton is turning to cross laminated timber (CLT), as a low-carbon alternative to cement and steel.

Published 12:12 PM

How to find your own network without 'networking'

When you're making big career decisions, you turn to your mentors and your trusted peers. But how do you find these mentors and trusted peers in the first place?

Published 12:05 PM

Londoners react to 'bombshell' Uber ban

London's decision to deny Uber a license has produced howls of protest from jilted fans and wild cheers from critics.

Published 11:47 AM

Stelvio: Alfa Romeo's impressive blast into SUV market

CNNMoney's Peter Valdes-Dapena takes the new 2018 Alfa Romeo Crossover SUV out for a drive on California highways. Quick and with responsive handling, the Stelvio shows that performance need not be forfeited with an SUV.

Published 11:46 AM

Workwear redefined by engineers

Ministry of Supply combines technology and design to create breathable, sweat resistant, non-iron fabrics.

Published 11:04 AM

How do you pay for tax cuts? Republicans can't agree

Proposing big tax cuts is much easier than figuring out how to pay for it all. Offsetting the cost of cuts will be one of the biggest hurdles for Republicans.

Published 10:39 AM

What next for L'Oreal after billionaire heiress dies?

The death of L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt could mean big changes at the top cosmetics company.

Published 9:53 AM

Trump says this is all a hoax. Mueller, Congress and Facebook disagree.

The president returns to a favorite label for the Russia story.

Published 9:36 AM

The German economy has a weak link: Infrastructure

Germany's economy is strong. But its infrastructure could use an upgrade.

Published 8:38 AM

Included: Rihanna's 'killawatt' wake up call and Melinda Gates' message for tech

Included catches you up on the week's top stories of culture and identity in business and tech.

Published 8:34 AM

Limited flights resume to battered Puerto Rico

Airlines are slowly restoring service two days after Hurricane Maria's rampage.

Published 8:26 AM

Mercedes is spending $1 billion to go electric in Alabama

Mercedes-Benz will spend $1 billion to upgrade its production capabilities in Alabama and jump-start its electric vehicle program in the U.S.

Published 7:54 AM

Trump gives 'final warning' on North Korea trade. What comes next?

Will China rein in its banks over North Korea? Will Trump risk sanctions that could hurt America too?

Published 7:38 AM

London says it won't renew Uber's license

London's transport authority announced Friday that it will not renew Uber's license, saying the company is not "fit and proper" to operate in the city.

Published 6:12 AM

Millions could be left uninsured under Obamacare repeal bill

The latest bill from Republicans to repeal Obamacare would likely leave millions more Americans uninsured, experts say.

Published 5:58 AM

New iPhones hit shelves; L'Oreal's stock surges; OPEC meets

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:16 AM

The iPhone 8 has landed

Apple's newest iPhones went on sale this morning starting in Sydney, Australia.

Published 4:28 AM

Quest: Sunshine disinfects corruption

CNN International anchor Richard Quest discusses South Africa's corruption crisis with IMF Director Christine Lagarde.

Published 12:09 AM