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Monday, March 19, 2018

Is your data safe on Facebook? Not really

On Facebook, you are the product. Advertisers are the customer.

Published 5:32 PM

Hugh Jackman's advice for starting a business: 'Give it 5 years'

Hugh Jackman helped start the Laughing Man Foundation, a coffee company that aims to give back to growers. He talks with CNN Money's Laurie Segall about the struggles of starting a new business and what he's learned from failure.

Published 5:20 PM

El Salvador may host 3D-printed home community

Nonprofit startup New Story is slated to bring a 3D printed home community to El Salvador.

Published 4:13 PM

Cambridge Analytica scientist says he'd testify before Congress

The data scientist who gathered information on millions of Americans for Cambridge Analytica, the controversial data firm that worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, says he would be willing to testify before Congress and speak to the FBI about the work he did for the company. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Published 4:12 PM

Pedestrian killed in accident involving self-driving Uber

An Arizona woman has died after being struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona. This is the first known fatality of an accident involving a self-driving car.

Published 3:48 PM

Facebook announces forensic audit of Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica has agreed to a digital forensic audit of its servers and systems in an attempt to show that it deleted certain Facebook data it held on some American users, Facebook said in a blog post Monday.

Published 3:22 PM

Federal Reserve will raise rates this week, but what comes next?

The Federal Reserve is all but certain to lift interest rates when Jerome Powell takes the helm of his first meeting as chairman later this week.

Published 3:21 PM

After four deaths, feds launch probe into Hyundai and Kia airbags

Federal safety regulators say they are investigating the airbags of 2011 Hyundai Sonatas and 2012 and 2013 Kia Fortes after they received reports the devices failed to deploy in six different crashes.

Published 3:20 PM

Trump bans Americans from buying Venezuelan cryptocurrency

President Trump signed an executive order Monday banning US citizens from buying Venezuela's newly created cryptocurrency, the Petro.

Published 2:25 PM

Uber self-driving car kills pedestrian in first fatal autonomous crash

A self-driving Uber SUV hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

Published 1:32 PM

Dow drops 336 points as Facebook plunges

The Dow fell 336 points and is back in negative territory for the year.

Published 1:28 PM

Exclusive: Scientist at center of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy speaks

Aleksandr Kogan, the data scientist who gathered information on millions of Americans for Cambridge Analytica, wrote in an email obtained by CNN that he would be happy to testify before Congress and speak to the FBI about the work he did for the company.

Published 12:55 PM

First came the questions about misconduct. Then came Tronc chair's sudden retirement

Ferro retirement announcement on Monday was followed by a Fortune report that includes allegations of sexual misconduct.

Published 12:50 PM

When are we going to see a truly great video game movie?

"Tomb Raider" is the latest film to take its shot at adapting material from a video game. It opened Friday.

Published 12:47 PM

Facebook's value plunges $37 billion on data controversy

Controversy over news that data firm with ties to Trump campaign got data from Facebook causes big hit to Facebook's market cap as well as Mark Zuckerberg's net worth.

Published 12:44 PM

Watch this home be 3D printed

Housing non-profit New Story and construction technology company Icon have teamed up to develop a giant 3D printer, dubbed The Vulcan. The printer constructed its first home in Austin, Texas and will soon begin building homes in underserved areas.

Published 12:29 PM

Kroger's Fred Meyer stores to 'phase out' all guns

Fred Meyer stores will 'phase out' sales of all guns and ammo, says parent company Kroger, which blamed weak sales.

Published 12:13 PM

Why nobody can tell Mark Zuckerberg what to do at Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't have to listen to Wall Street since he owns an overwhelming majority of Facebook shares with super-voting power.

Published 11:56 AM

How to retire early and what's going on with health care costs

If you want to retire before your golden years, here's how to do it.

Published 11:49 AM

Tech stock crashes 45% after CEO resigns

Shares in Micro Focus plummeted on Monday after the UK tech company warned of falling sales and said its CEO was leaving after six months on the job.

Published 11:38 AM

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes: US needs universal basic income

Income inequality has climbed to record heights. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes wants to fix that. His plan? A universal basic income.

Published 11:37 AM

PACIFIC for March 19: Data exploitation isn't a bug at Facebook, it's a feature.

The new CNNMoney newsletter about the center of change and innovation.

Published 11:19 AM

What you need to know about Facebook's data debacle

If you're still on Facebook, read this.

Published 11:05 AM

Planning your fertility — with your company's help

The bold new world where companies help you freeze eggs, find a surrogate and more.

Published 11:04 AM

Major retailers to Trump: New China tariffs will hurt American shoppers

Business groups say they agree China is engaged in unfair practices related to intellectual property theft but say Trump should not impose new tariffs to fight the problem.

Published 11:00 AM

Companies can seek tariff exemptions but rules are unclear

The US Commerce Department started accepting companies' applications for tariff exemptions on Monday, potentially softening the blow of sweeping tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Published 10:37 AM

Oscar Munoz's tough ride as United CEO

So long as Munoz delivers value to stockholders, he'll be allowed to stay, experts say. But he's on a short leash.

Published 10:27 AM

Facebook is facing an existential crisis

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has damaged Facebook's brand, and it will take a Herculean effort to restore public trust in Facebook's commitment to privacy and data protection -- regulation may happen first.

Published 10:15 AM

6 tax deductions you can take without itemizing

Not looking to itemize on your taxes this year? No worries. These deductions are still on the table.

Published 10:15 AM

Walmart teams up with Handy to set up your furniture for you

Amid growing pressure from Amazon, Walmart is the latest retailer to offer in-home product setup for customers.

Published 10:06 AM

Claire's files for bankruptcy

The hub for ear piercings at malls across America is the latest retailer to succumb to its massive pile of debt.

Published 9:22 AM

Trump's tariffs to be debated in the land of protectionism: Argentina

Trade war concerns could be cooled or kindled Monday and Tuesday at the G20 meetings in Argentina.

Published 8:39 AM

There are still 100,000 pay phones in America

In 1999, there were more than 2 million pay phones across America. 5% are left today.

Published 8:09 AM

Facebook suspends data firm with Trump ties

Facebook has announced it is suspending Cambridge Analytica, a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump's campaign, over concerns about violations of the social media site's policies.

Published 7:49 AM

$12,000 for a bee sting? Emergency room visits get even pricier

Patients who visit emergency rooms are getting hit with sky-high bills. Spending on an ER visit rose to $1,917, on average, in 2016, up more than 31% from four years earlier.

Published 7:41 AM

Facebook controversy; G20 tensions; Activist at Barclays

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 6:18 AM

Facebook suspends former Cambridge Analytica contractor

Christopher Wylie previously worked for Cambridge Analytica, the controversial data firm that worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Published 1:11 AM

China's powerful central bank has a new leader

Deputy governor Yi Gang has been promoted to the top job at the People's Bank of China.

Published 12:46 AM