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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jeff Bezos passes Warren Buffett to become the world's second richest person

Move over Warren Buffett, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person on Earth.

Published 6:31 PM

Democrats seek probe over weakening SEC's subpoena powers

Four top Democratic senators are raising alarm over steps taken by President Trump's pick to lead the SEC to curb the agency's ability to launch probes of financial misconduct.

Published 5:03 PM

The Brexit effect on markets

Financial markets are the ultimate Brexit barometer, CNNMoney's Anna Stewart tracks the market highs and lows since the vote.

Published 4:27 PM

Samsung phone launch: 'It's been a challenging year'

At the launch of the new Galaxy S8, the first phone since Samsung's recall woes, president of mobile communications DJ Koh acknowledged the company's difficult year.

Published 3:14 PM

Andrew Napolitano returns to Fox News, stands by false spying claim

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano is standing by his claim, still without evidence, that former President Obama worked with British intelligence officials to spy on Donald Trump.

Published 3:00 PM

Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes everywhere

Amazon will start collecting sales taxes on April 1 on purchases from the remaining states where buyers hadn't been charged in past.

Published 2:59 PM

What to know about Internet privacy changes

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to repeal internet privacy protections. CNN's Samuel Burke explains what it means.

Published 2:36 PM

Will Congress celebrate Trump's 100th day in office with a government shutdown?

Saturday, April 29, will mark President Trump's 100th day in office. But will it also mark Day 1 of a government shutdown?

Published 2:36 PM

Blue Origin unveils space capsule with 'largest windows in space'

Blue Origin provides first peak at the interior of its six-seat space capsule for the New Shepard rocket.

Published 2:18 PM

H-1B visa applications open up next week

USCIS begins accepting H-1B petitions for the new fiscal year on April 3. This year, there will be no premium processing option available.

Published 2:15 PM

Fed official: U.S. economy finally back to normal

San Francisco Fed President John Williams says America has largely attained the 'recovery we've been after for the past nine years.'

Published 2:03 PM

Exxon to Trump: Don't ditch Paris climate change deal

Not even ExxonMobil wants President Trump to abandon the Paris global climate agreement.

Published 1:50 PM

CNN panel clashes over Spicer's admonition to April Ryan

CNN panelists argued over the exchange between White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and longtime White House correspondent April Ryan in which Spicer told Ryan to "stop shaking your head."

Published 1:40 PM

Trump says NYT 'failing' -- but stock up 30% since election

President Trump loves to bash the New York Times on Twitter. He often says the company is failing. But shares have surged since he won the race for the White House. And digital subscriptions are soaring as well.

Published 12:24 PM

A first for SpaceX: Sending a used rocket into space

SpaceX is about to put the very core of its business model to the test: Reusable rockets.

Published 11:58 AM

CNN panelists spar over Sean Spicer comment

During CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, commentators spar over the heated confrontation between White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and reporter April Ryan.

Published 11:51 AM

Outrage grows over Congress' Internet privacy vote

The Republican-led Congress has stirred the online hornet's nest.

Published 11:29 AM

Trump is tweeting from an iPhone now, but will he give up on Android?

Trump's social media director says President Trump has been tweeting from "his new iPhone" for the past couple of weeks.

Published 11:08 AM

Rep. Maxine Waters fires back at O'Reilly

Rep. Maxine Waters responds to Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's comments about her hair style.

Published 11:07 AM

Samsung unveils first new flagship phones since exploding phone debacle

Samsung has a lot to prove following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

Published 11:03 AM

First Look: Samsung's Galaxy S8

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Published 11:01 AM

Wells Fargo customers in $110 million settlement over fake accounts

Wronged Wells Fargo customers are finally getting a bit of payback. The bank has reached a $110 million settlement to compensate people who had fake accounts opened in their name.

Published 11:00 AM

Kushner company, Chinese firm call off development deal

The Chinese conglomerate Anbang and a real estate company owned by the family of Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner have called off talks to redevelop a Manhattan office tower.

Published 10:43 AM

When it's finally time to retire but you can't spend your savings

Lots of retirees have a hard time making the transition from saving to spending.

Published 10:38 AM

Go inside the 'Amazon of Japan'

E-commerce giant Rakuten is reinventing Japan's corporate culture with Silicon Valley-style perks and an English language policy.

Published 10:09 AM

Consumer confidence soars under Trump. Here's what it means

U.S. consumers are more upbeat. But rising confidence levels aren't always a good thing. Consumers were giddy just before recessions in 2001 and 2008. Trump will need to live up to his promise to get economic growth revved up again.

Published 10:00 AM

Worried about companies spying on your browsing? Here's what you can do

After a House vote, a repeal of Internet privacy protections goes to Trump's desk. You'll have to do more than set your browser to private mode.

Published 9:48 AM

What Brexit will cost Britain: More debt, weaker growth and a final bill

Brexit will mean higher U.K. government debt, slower growth and a final bill to settle its EU account.

Published 8:48 AM

Brexit triggered: 5 huge obstacles to an amicable divorce

The U.K. has triggered Article 50, starting formal Brexit talks with the European Union that will be marked by contentious and complex issues.

Published 7:34 AM

Congress repeals Internet privacy rules

The House voted to repeal Internet privacy protections. The future of online privacy is now in President Trump's hands.

Published 7:32 AM

Brexit: What happens after Article 50

The triggering of Article 50 will mark the start of official Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU. CNN's Max Foster looks at what happens next.

Published 7:29 AM

Tesla's new China backer: A tech giant with hundreds of millions of users

Chinese tech and gaming giant Tencent has bought a $1.8 billion stake in Elon Musk's Tesla.

Published 7:16 AM

Europe's huge stock exchange merger is dead

A planned merger between the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Boerse has been blocked by the European Commission.

Published 6:25 AM

Brexit officially kicks off; Samsung's new phone; Lululemon earnings

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 4:34 AM

Westinghouse Electric is filing for bankruptcy

Troubled U.S. nuclear business Westinghouse Electric is filing for bankruptcy protection, its Japanese owner Toshiba said Wednesday.

Published 3:41 AM

The 10 best states for retirees

It might be worth moving to a new place to find your dream retirement home. Check out these 10 states.

Published 12:01 AM