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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CBS News fires Charlie Rose

Published 12:31 PM

John Lennon diary stolen from Yoko Ono recovered in Berlin

A diary written by John Lennon that was stolen from his widow Yoko Ono over a decade ago has been found by police in Berlin.

Published 12:22 PM

Trump FCC chair unveils plan to repeal net neutrality

The days of net neutrality are numbered.

Published 12:17 PM

Sexual harassment tipping point: Why now?

We've seen sexual harassment scandals before. But never with consequences like this.

Published 12:13 PM

Britain's corporate tax rate is 19%. Many businesses don't want a cut

Britain plans to cut its corporate tax rate to 17% over the next three years. Many businesses say they're happy with the current rate.

Published 12:03 PM

US charges Iranian man in HBO's 'Game of Thrones' hack

The criminal investigation into last summer's hacking of HBO has nabbed a suspect.

Published 11:42 AM

What you really need to know about tax reform and the best Black Friday deals

From the latest movements of tax reform on Capitol Hill or what's going on in the retail world, here's a look at the news you need to know.

Published 11:40 AM

Conservative radio host Mark Levin gets weekly Fox News show

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin is getting his own weekly program on Fox News, he told CNN in an interview Tuesday morning shortly before the network announced the news.

Published 11:34 AM

The devastating economic legacy of Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe has been slammed by industrial mismanagement, food shortages, a collapsed currency and rampant corruption.

Published 11:24 AM

See Aston Martin's redesigned Vantage

Aston Martin unveils the all-new 2018 Vantage. Prices start around $150,000.

Published 10:43 AM

No soup for you? Campbell plunges on poor sales

Campbell Soup is having trouble selling soup. That's a problem. A dispute with Walmart, growing competition in the supermarket industry from Amazon/Whole Foods and a weak crop for carrots (yes, carrots) are hurting the company too.

Published 10:40 AM

21st Century Fox gets nearly $90 million from insurers to cover harassment claims

The insurance payment is part of a settlement reached in negotiations between 21st Century Fox and one of its shareholders.

Published 10:15 AM

Charlie Rose's co-hosts: He does not get a pass

The CBS This Morning anchors reacted to a Washington Post report detailing sexual harassment allegations against their co-host Charlie Rose.

Published 10:01 AM

Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' becomes best selling album of 2017 in just one week

It took Taylor Swift just one week to sell more albums than any artist has all year.

Published 9:53 AM

Mark Zuckerberg is no longer king of social. Meet 'Pony' Ma

Tencent founder and CEO Pony Ma has seen his personal wealth more than double in a year, along with his company's value.

Published 9:52 AM

Elf on the Shelf phenomenon is 11 million elves strong

Just 12 years after The Elf on the Shelf was published, the story has sparked a new Christmas tradition in millions of homes, and created a robust small business for one family.

Published 9:24 AM

14 hottest toys this holiday season

From a DIY Star Wars Droid to a new Hatchimals toy and interactive Fingerlings, these products are worthy of a coveted spot on holiday wish lists.

Published 9:01 AM

CBS' Norah O'Donnell: 'This has to end. This behavior is wrong'

How Charlie Rose's co-hosts covered his suspension on "CBS This Morning."

Published 7:48 AM

Goldman Sachs: Unemployment will drop to lowest since 1969

America's unemployment rate has plummeted from 10% during the Great Recession to 4.1% today. Goldman Sachs thinks it's headed to the lowest level in half a century thanks to the accelerating economy.

Published 7:41 AM

Aston Martin reveals all-new 503-horsepower 'entry level' Vantage

The new Vantage is completely re-engineered and features a turbocharged V8 engine.

Published 7:22 AM

Whitefish halts work in Puerto Rico

Whitefish CEO Andy Techmanski tells CNN that his company has halted work to restore Puerto Rico's electricity grid due to unmet payments from the island's power authority.

Published 6:39 AM

AT&T takeover trouble; Janet Yellen speaks; CBS vs. Dish

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 4:49 AM

Chinese social media giant is worth more than Facebook

Social media and gaming giant rockets past market cap milestone to beat Silicon Valley rival.

Published 4:39 AM