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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The late-night comic who plays off Trump's 'inner self'

Comedian Anthony Atamanuik turned an improv impersonation of Donald Trump into a full-time gig, starring in 20 episodes of "The President Show" for Comedy Central.

Published 6:37 PM

Jeffrey Tambor signals he may not return to 'Transparent' after harassment claims

Jeffrey Tambor has signaled that he may leave Amazon Studio's "Transparent" after harassment allegations surfaced against him.

Published 5:39 PM

Fox News defends Sean Hannity amid calls for ad boycott

The network calls a petition for advertisers to ditch Sean Hannity's show an "intimidation effort" that is "nothing more than political opportunism based on deceit."

Published 5:17 PM

Carusone defends anti-Hannity ad boycott

"It's always been a long game." Angelo Carusone, the president of the anti-Fox group Media Matters for America, tells Brian Stelter why he is encouraging advertisers to boycott Sean Hannity's Fox show. (Fox says the campaign is an intimidation tactic.) Carusone also responds to Hannity's personal insults.

Published 2:49 PM

Atamaniuk: What it takes to impersonate Trump

Comedian Anthony Atamaniuk studied Trump's rallies and practiced his pitch-perfect impersonation before becoming the host of "The President Show." Now he takes Brian Stelter behind the scenes and describes what he has learned by playing the president.

Published 2:47 PM

Dalio & America's two economies

Billionaire Ray Dalio tells Fareed how the U.S. is becoming a two-tier economy, a problem that will only get worse.

Published 2:24 PM

Jerry Jones vs. NFL: What's the worst that could happen to him?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is fighting with the NFL over Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract extension. Could he really lose his team?

Published 12:32 PM

Alabama papers urge voters to 'reject Roy Moore'

The three biggest newspapers in Alabama have a message for their readers: "Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore." The Alabama Media Group stripped the editorial across its Sunday front pages. The unusual step comes 10 days after misconduct allegations first surfaced against Moore, the Republican nominee for the state's Senate seat.

Published 11:44 AM

'Justice League' stumbles at the box office

"Justice League" still had a big box office opening, but came in under industry expectations.

Published 10:47 AM

Alabama's biggest newspapers urge voters to 'reject Roy Moore'

The Alabama Media Group endorsed Doug Jones and took the unusual step of stripping an editorial across the front pages of its papers on Sunday.

Published 9:46 AM

Wall Street has a ton to be thankful for

Wall Street already has a ton to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The GOP tax cut would only add to the feast.

Published 8:06 AM

'SNL' begs 'Come Back Barack' in R&B jam

"Saturday Night Live" took aim at Sen. Al Franken during its Weekend Update skit, meanwhile host Chance the Rapper belted out a few musical numbers including "Come Back Barack."

Published 2:51 AM

'SNL' takes on Senator -- and former 'SNL' performer -- Al Franken

"Saturday Night Live" took on Senator, and former SNLer, Al Franken on Saturday night after a woman said he groped and kissed her without her consent.

Published 1:23 AM

Zimbabwe's Former Finance Minister: "Time Up" for Mugabe

Zimbabwe's former FInance Minister Tendai Biti tells RIchard Quest that Mugabe's time is up, the military is in charge, and if he cares about Zimbabwe, Mugabe needs to resign.

Published 12:07 AM