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Thursday, May 25, 2017

ATX brings Hollywood to heart of Texas

The ATX TV festival is like camp for television lovers, but trying political times has brought new meaning to the Texas event

Published 8:48 PM

Why Hollywood gets hackers so wrong

When you think of a hacker, you probably think about basement-dwellers in hoodies typing at lightning speeds - but that's not entirely accurate. CNNTech's Selena Larson tells us why the media just can't seem to paint an accurate picture of a hacker.

Published 7:14 PM

AT&T, Coke & more ditch Puerto Rican Day Parade over controversial honoree

Various big-name sponsors are yanking their dollars away from New York's 2017 Puerto Rican Day Parade amid a controversial decision to honor FALN member Oscar López Rivera.

Published 7:13 PM

Zuckerberg's commencement speech sounds a lot like a campaign speech

Although Mark Zuckerberg has said he isn't running for president, the Facebook founder got political in his Harvard commencement speech.

Published 6:57 PM

Google's concept car (operating system)

At Google I/O, the company showed off it concept version of Android for cars -- no smartphone necessary.

Published 6:50 PM

It's been 10 years since Congress raised the minimum wage

Democratic leaders support a federal wage hike to $15 an hour. Two years ago, that wasn't the case.

Published 6:31 PM

Mark Zuckerberg: Getting into Harvard made my parents proud

Twelve years after dropping out, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg returned to Harvard to deliver a political commencement speech.

Published 5:51 PM

Zuckerberg's mom more proud of Harvard than Facebook?

While delivering Harvard's commencement address, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg jokes that his parents see his Harvard acceptance as "the thing they're most proud of".

Published 5:47 PM

Disney CEO: It's time for corporate tax reform

CEO Bob Iger tells CNN's Christine Romans why President Trump shouldn't close U.S. borders, and his thoughts on running for president after his tenure at Disney.

Published 4:21 PM

Inside Amazon's first NYC bookstore

Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore location in New York City on Thursday.

Published 3:16 PM

Amazon killed the bookstore. Now it's opening one

Amazon just opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore in New York, taking cues from data and customer feedback online.

Published 3:12 PM

Bob Iger: New 'Avatar' land features Disney's most advanced ride yet

The Disney CEO sat down with CNNMoney's Christine Romans to talk about Pandora and the company's future plans. Did someone say Star Wars Land?

Published 2:44 PM

Trump angers US farmers by lifting ban on Argentine lemons

The Trump administration will allow lemons from Argentina to be imported for the first time in 16 years. It's a move that's angered California lemon farmers.

Published 2:10 PM

GM is latest automaker accused of diesel emissions cheating

General Motors is the latest automaker to be accused of designing a diesel engine that can cheat on emissions testing.

Published 2:09 PM

Apple News is getting an editor in chief

Lauren Kern will leave her role as executive editor of New York Magazine for the Cupertino-based company.

Published 1:39 PM

Beat Shazam: How an app becomes a game show

Can you guess the name of a song in under 5 seconds?CNNTech's Laurie Segall chats with Jamie Foxx and Mark Burnett about their show "Beat Shazam."

Published 1:32 PM

Disney CEO on why Pandora is so 'powerful'

CEO Bob Iger tells CNN's Christine Romans why "Pandora: World of Avatar" is the most advanced attraction Disney has ever created.

Published 1:18 PM

Ford new CEO scores pay hike, $1 million signing bonus

New Ford CEO Jim Hackett received a $1 million signing bonus plus a bump in base pay and stock grants.

Published 12:59 PM

How can I pay off $175,000 in student loans and still have a life?

Lindsey doesn't know if she should pay off her debt or save up for a house. CNNMoney's Broke No More advice column has some suggestions.

Published 12:57 PM

Not all retailers stink! Best Buy stock at all-time high

Remember the jokes about Best Buy being Amazon's showroom? That's no longer the case. Best Buy is thriving thanks to solid sales of video games and phones. The stock is now trading at its highest level ever.

Published 12:53 PM

These are the safest cars on the road

Crash data reveals that some vehicles have had zero deaths over four years but others, especially small cars, have many.

Published 12:37 PM

EU citizens are leaving Brexit Britain

Citizens of European Union countries are leaving the U.K. in masses amid the uncertainty following the country's vote for Brexit.

Published 12:37 PM

Trump wants to drill for oil in Alaska's fragile wildlife refuge

President Trump wants to allow Big Oil to "drill, baby, drill" in Alaska's fragile Arctic wildlife refuge.

Published 12:30 PM

Harnessing India's sunny days for power

Rays Power Infra is one of India's largest solar power companies, with ambitious plans to harness the 300 days of sun that India receives each year. Co-founder and CEO Ketan Mehta describes the untapped opportunities for solar energy in the country.

Published 12:15 PM

5 steps to perfect financial health

Sometimes your financial health could use the same kind of checkups and preventive care that you apply to your physical health.

Published 12:12 PM

Qatar 'fake news' spat divides Arab media

A story about Iran -- denounced as fake news by Qatar -- has prompted Arab states to block Qatari media.

Published 12:10 PM

How NATO is funded and who pays what

President Trump has again accused America's NATO allies of falling behind on their bills. But that's not how the alliance works.

Published 11:55 AM

Trump wants at least 6 million people off welfare

Trump is aiming to get at least 6 million Americans off government aid and into full-time jobs. Liberals call this cruel. Conservatives call it overdue. A lot of economists call it magical thinking.

Published 11:31 AM

Explaining NATO funding challenges

Two CNN correspondents and a CNN analyst break down how NATO is supported (or not) by its member states.

Published 11:23 AM

How to stop the money fights and grow (wealthy) as a couple

Money stress is rarely about the numbers in your bank account. Here's how to stop the screaming so you and your partner can build your relationship -- and your bank accounts -- together.

Published 10:36 AM

India's high tax on sanitary pads sets off storm of protest

Sanitary pads are set to be taxed at 12% under a new set of national rates set by the government. Thousands of people say the levy should be zero.

Published 10:34 AM

At this manufacturing company, women rule the factory floor

Carey Manufacturing has more women than men in charge of production on the factory floor. It's one sign that young women are gravitating to manufacturing careers.

Published 10:29 AM

Does anyone shop at Sears? Sales plunge again

Sears reported another giant drop in sales at both its Sears and Kmart chains. The stock may be surging on hopes that the company will avoid bankruptcy, but the company needs a real strategy to get customers back in the stores.

Published 10:20 AM

Arabs give billions to charity. It might be better spent

Wealthy Arabs are generous donors in private. Experts say more open philanthropy would do more good.

Published 10:10 AM

Brits to drink 28% less wine after Brexit

Wine prices in the U.K. are set to surge by 22% and consumption is expected to drop by 28% by 2025 as a direct result of Brexit.

Published 10:08 AM

Taking the U.S.-Saudi partnership to the next level

CNNMoney's Emerging Markets Editor John Defterios leads a discussion at the Saudi-U.S. CEO Forum in Riyadh.

Published 9:47 AM

Drones are getting smaller and smarter

These compact drones are built for racing, photography, education and some goofy fun.

Published 9:28 AM

Google's AI just beat the world's best Go player

A victory in China reminds the world of the increasing power of machines.

Published 9:22 AM

Reporter recounts fight with GOP candidate

Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs tells CNN that the suggestion that he touched GOP candidate Greg Gianforte first is "totally false."

Published 8:55 AM

Girls Who Code founder: Brown girls can do 'white guy things'

"The culture is the problem. And the solution, graduates, is you."

Published 8:35 AM

Reporter: I never touched Gianforte

Ben Jacobs, the Guardian reporter who says he was body-slammed by a Montana congressional candidate, recounts the confrontation.

Published 7:28 AM

China has a huge debt problem. How bad is it?

Credit rating agency Moody's has drawn renewed attention to the growing debt mountain in the world's second-largest economy.

Published 7:01 AM

OPEC extends oil supply curbs as glut persists

Energy ministers from OPEC and other major producers agreed to extend production cuts during a meeting in Vienna on Thursday.

Published 6:54 AM

Montana newspapers pull support for GOP candidate after alleged assault

Three Montana newspapers have abruptly yanked their support for Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte over allegations he assaulted a reporter.

Published 6:23 AM

Trump criticized NATO spending. Here's what's really going on

It's going to be a very long time before most NATO members come close to hitting the alliance's spending targets.

Published 6:04 AM

Oil powers meeting; Stocks winning streak; NATO summit

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 4:50 AM

'An egregious assault': Twitter erupts over GOP candidate's alleged attack on reporter

The alleged assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte set social media alight on Wednesday night.

Published 2:27 AM

GOP candidate allegedly 'body slams' journalist

An audio recording captured an altercation between a reporter and Greg Gianforte, a candidate in Montana's special congressional election.

Published 12:17 AM