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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sturm Ruger says gun sales plunged

Sturm Ruger reports double-digit declines for gun sales and profits for the fourth quarter of 2017 and the full year.

Published 7:10 PM

Drama erupts at CPAC after panel told to drop speaker who attacked Florida shooting survivor

News of the last-minute chaos emerged on Wednesday morning when Pamela Geller was asked to remove Jim Hoft as a speaker on a panel.

Published 6:48 PM

NBC's Winter Olympics ratings down but not exactly on thin ice

The networks are bringing in a combined viewership of 21.9 million in prime time, which is down from the 23.7 million viewers who tuned into NBC for the Sochi games in 2014

Published 6:18 PM

All signs point to more Fed rate hikes in 2018

Federal Reserve officials are increasingly optimistic over the prospects of U.S. economic growth this year, leaving policy makers on course to lift interest rates further in 2018.

Published 6:07 PM

Tech's biggest companies are spreading conspiracy theories. Again.

Conspiracy theories about a Florida school shooting survivor received prominent placement on Facebook and YouTube, in yet another reminder that tech companies need to do more to moderate their platforms.

Published 6:07 PM

Twitter is trying to crack down on spam bots

In a bid to cripple spam bots on its platform, Twitter says users will not be allowed to post identical or substantially similar content across multiple accounts at once.

Published 5:53 PM

How opioid addiction is hurting businesses

Many business owners say they're struggling to find workers. The economy is strong, but the labor force participation rate is near a forty-year low. Where have all the workers gone? One factor -- the opioid epidemic. The human tragedy is also an economic crisis. Christine Romans talks to business owners about the search for the missing workers.

Published 5:49 PM

Judge says state can't force IMDB to take down actors' ages

The law was supported by groups like the Screen Actors Guild, which said at the time that it would help prevent age discrimination in film and television hiring.

Published 5:14 PM

WhatsApp cofounder invests $50 million into encrypted messaging app Signal

Signal is getting a boost from a billionaire tech founder with a history of bringing secure messaging to the masses.

Published 4:53 PM

Ford's president of North America is out over 'inappropriate behavior'

Raj Nair will leave the company immediately, Ford said Wednesday.

Published 4:42 PM

GE no longer wants a hasty divorce from Baker Hughes

General Electric isn't planning a hasty divorce from oil services giant Baker Hughes after all.

Published 4:29 PM

Watch Bill Gates try to guess grocery prices

Billionaire Bill Gates tested his everyday knowledge on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" by trying to name the prices of common groceries.

Published 3:49 PM

Snapchat responds to users critical of redesign: 'We hear you'

Snapchat is making a tweak to its platform in response to backlash against its newly redesigned app.

Published 3:47 PM

Uber Express Pool competes with the city bus

Uber Express Pool, the company's answer to the city bus, launches in select US cities.

Published 3:41 PM

U.S. women's hockey: From fighting for better pay to fighting for gold

The women on the U.S. hockey team started a boycott to get better pay and are now competing at the Olympics in a gold-medal match against Canada.

Published 3:31 PM

Stelter: How to clean up the conspiracy theory 'pollution' that's making us all sick

People on social media are sharing smears and conspiracy theories about the Parkland shooting and the survivors.

Published 2:41 PM

Bill Gates flunks Ellen's grocery shopping challenge

Billionaire Bill Gates takes the Tide pod challenge with Ellen DeGeneres, and fails ... but it's not what you think.

Published 2:33 PM

Coal country shouldn't count on a Trump-fueled comeback

More than a year into Trump's presidency, there remains deep pessimism in the energy industry about the chances of a coal comeback in the near-term or even in the long run.

Published 1:56 PM

Vox Media to lay off around 50 staffers in latest round of industry cuts

It's the latest digital media company to slim down amid pressure from Google and Facebook.

Published 12:20 PM

Amanbo taps into economic bridge between China and Africa

China is Africa's main export market and also its largest source of imports. Amanbo is an online marketplace linking African manufacturers with Chinese customers and vice versa.

Published 12:12 PM

Why tech secrets, not steel, could cause the real clash between the U.S. and China

Stolen trade secrets are poised to become a flash point as the United States weighs how to transform President Trump's tough talk on China into policy.

Published 11:47 AM

JPMorgan Chase plans new Manhattan headquarters

JPMorgan plans to tear down its current headquarters and replace it with a new building at the same address.

Published 11:12 AM

Should I follow Warren Buffett's 90/10 investing strategy?

Will you be willing, and able, to stick with such an aggressive stocks-bonds mix when the markets are in turmoil or even in the midst of a harrowing tailspin?

Published 10:42 AM

UK unemployment rises for first time since Brexit vote

UK unemployment has risen for the first time since the Brexit referendum in 2016. There are plenty of job vacancies but more people chasing them.

Published 10:39 AM

NASA's Opportunity celebrates 5,000 days on Mars

Outliving its original 90-day lifespan, the Opportunity is still fulfilling its core mission -- looking for evidence that Mars once supported microbial life.

Published 10:30 AM

How a love of luxury travel became a profitable business

Focusing on the top end of the travel market has helped Lysbeth Fox turn her love of adventure into a profitable company.

Published 10:21 AM

Many Volkswagen workers will get 45 vacation days

About 120,000 unionized Volkswagen workers just agreed to a new deal for a significant pay bump and, in some cases, six extra days off.

Published 10:13 AM

Priceline's parent company is changing its name

The company's new name, Booking Holdings, is effective immediately. It will trade under a new ticker symbol next week.

Published 10:10 AM

The unpaid work that always falls to women

A new study estimates women do 2.6 times the amount of unpaid work that men do.

Published 9:11 AM

NYT op-ed columnist issues 'code red' over Trump

The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discusses his opinion piece that issues a "code red" warning to America.

Published 8:57 AM

Canada wants to help India lead 'blockchain revolution'

Canadian government-backed researchers are teaming up with India's vast IT industry to promote the technology behind bitcoin.

Published 8:04 AM

Amazon and Whole Foods. CVS and Aetna. A scorecard of the biggest deals

It's hard to keep track of all the big companies that have joined forces. Here's a guide.

Published 7:43 AM

A massive US farming industry fears China trade trouble

China says it will respond if President Trump imposes new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. US soybean farmers fear that could put them in Beijing's cross hairs.

Published 7:43 AM

Control AI now or brace for nightmare future, experts warn

A report published by Cambridge University says malicious use of artificial intelligence by rogue states, criminals and terrorists could wreak havoc around the world.

Published 6:53 AM

Uber Express Pool is like a minibus with cheaper rides

Uber has new shared ride service called Express Pool. Fares will cost as much as half the price of Uber Pool.

Published 6:42 AM

U.S. trade moves could spark Chinese retaliation

China has warned it will take action if President Trump puts heavy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. Some American businesses, including the soybean industry, fear that could put them in Beijing's cross hairs.

Published 6:04 AM

Colbert: This country belongs to the kids

Stephen Colbert praises the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for their activism in the wake of the mass shooting on their campus.

Published 4:54 AM

Oil under pressure; Fed minutes; U.K. jobs

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 4:50 AM

London to Amsterdam on the Eurostar is a One-Way trip

Anna Stewart hops on the Eurostar's newest route -- London to Amsterdam. Just don't plan on buying a round-trip ticket.

Published 12:02 AM