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Friday, October 20, 2017

Amid uncertainty, America's uninsured rate climbs

The number of uninsured Americans has risen to a three-year high after falling for years thanks in large part to Obamacare.

Published 7:32 PM

Here's how scientists are trying to save the rarest marine mammal

Researchers from VaquitaCPR are combing the Gulf of California to rescue the endangered vaquita porpoise.

Published 6:38 PM

Deficit for 2017 hits $666 billion

Tax revenue and spending both rose in fiscal year 2017, which ended last month. But spending growth outpaced revenue growth, according new numbers from the federal government.

Published 6:26 PM

What we've learned from the Harvey Weinstein scandal

CNN's Richard Quest, Laurie Segall, Poppy Harlow and Brian Stelter discuss the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and Silicon Valley and what can be done to protect sexual harassment victims.

Published 5:55 PM

'I heard you rape women': How journalist Kim Masters stood up to 'bully' Harvey Weinstein

Masters had been pursuing the story of Weinstein's sexual misconduct allegations for a long time, but was struggling to find sources who were willing to go on the record.

Published 5:39 PM

CEO of Saks and Lord & Taylor steps down

The CEO of Hudson's Bay Company -- which owns the Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor department stores -- stepped down on Friday.

Published 5:18 PM

Lawmakers try to end silence on abuse claims

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman is pushing for legislation that would void employment contracts with non-disclosure agreements that potentially protect criminal behavior.

Published 5:18 PM

The Weinstein Effect: Harvey Weinstein scandal sparks movements in Hollywood and beyond

This was the week the Harvey Weinstein scandal expanded. Its effects can now be observed in movements against sexual harassment in the fashion industry, in politics and in other fields.

Published 4:20 PM

Paul Ryan: House GOP will propose a new top tax rate for the rich

House Speaker Paul Ryan broke a bit of tax news Friday when he said that House Republicans plan to propose a new top income tax rate for high earners.

Published 4:06 PM

Amazon could put its second HQ in Canada. But will it?

There are plenty of cities in Canada that fit the bill -- if Amazon is comfortable leaving the U.S.

Published 3:40 PM

Vox Media sacks top executive over sexual misconduct allegations

Lockhart Steele, who served as editorial director at the company, was removed from his post effective immediately.

Published 3:39 PM

Jeff Bezos is having a moment, and he's not afraid to let you know it

This may go down as the year the world officially recognized Jeff Bezos's Midas touch.

Published 3:33 PM

34 pot farms have burned down in California wildfires

The California Growers Association has confirmed 34 marijuana farms destroyed in California's wildfires, but that tally is expected to rise.

Published 3:02 PM

Singapore's tech unicorn goes public

Richard Quest talks to the PRESIDENT (not CEO) of Singapore's Sea Limited on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as the tech unicorn goes public.

Published 2:58 PM

Black Monday: 30 years later, lessons learned?

October 19, 1987 - Wall Street calls this day 'Black Monday'. Llare Sebastian heads to the New York Stock Exchange to find out if 30 years later, what lessons have been learned.

Published 2:57 PM

Puerto Rico one month after Hurricane Maria

CNN's Leyla Santiago looks at how Puerto Rico is recovering a month after being devastated by Hurricane Maria. Much of the island is still without power and clean water.

Published 2:51 PM

Fox News host Chris Wallace slams network colleagues for attacks on press

Wallace has not shied away from defending journalists from the network's opinion hosts in the past.

Published 12:54 PM

Laptops could be banned from checked bags on planes due to fire risk

An overheating laptop battery could cause a significant fire in a cargo hold and even "lead to the loss of the aircraft," a report says.

Published 12:48 PM

Taser maker tumbles on news of SEC probe

Axon. the company that makes body cameras for police departments as well as the Taser stun gun, has been asked by the SEC for more financial details about its earnings and sales for all of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017.

Published 12:17 PM

This LED sculpture projects your selfies

Matthew Mohr's latest interactive sculpture, "As We Are", displays your face by taking a selfie.

Published 12:17 PM

Got an idea for a dating app? M14 Industries will code it for you

M14 Industries takes the coding and software engineering out of app development. They created a platform where business can focus on branding and marketing— and M14 Industries does the rest.

Published 12:04 PM

Richard Branson: I should be in space in six months

For the first time since the deadly 2014 crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, billionaire Richard Branson tells CNN's Poppy Harlow his company will be in space in 16 weeks and Branson will be in space in six months.

Published 11:32 AM

Richard Branson: I'm a great believer in people working from home

Billionaire Richard Branson says he encourages his employees to work from home. The founder of the Virigin empire tells CNN's Poppy Harlow that flexibility in where you work can make all the difference for working parents.

Published 11:30 AM

Skechers stock soars as sneaker sales surge

Nike and Under Armour may still be struggling, but sneaker maker Skechers is posting strong sales internationally.

Published 11:12 AM

Time is now the key factor in Brexit talks

Brexit negotiations are increasingly being dictated by one key factor: The clock.

Published 10:21 AM

The number of black CEOs keeps shrinking

With the retirement of American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault, there will soon be just 3 African-American CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Published 10:12 AM

New York City is hiring a futurist to forecast innovation

A new program NYCx is designed to help the city anticipate the future.

Published 9:12 AM

Microsoft Cortana-powered speaker: Solid sound but not a standout

The Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker is the first to use Microsoft's Cortana assistant.

Published 9:02 AM

Your guide to buying health insurance for the first time

Happy 26th birthday! It's time to buy health insurance.

Published 8:41 AM

GE's nightmare just got worse

One of America's iconic companies is in deeper trouble than we realized.

Published 8:37 AM

Millions of Americans are left out of the stock market boom

46% of Americans don't invest in the stock market.

Published 8:11 AM

A political crisis is scaring tourists away from Barcelona

Catalonia's independence referendum has had a chilling effect on tourism in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Published 7:55 AM

Jeff Bezos smashes bottle on top of wind turbine

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos christened his company's latest wind farm by smashing a bottle on top of a 300-foot-tall wind turbine.

Published 7:48 AM

Australia just made its last ever car

The last vehicle made by GM's Holden unit rolled off a production line in Australia on Friday, bringing decades of car manufacturing in the country to an end.

Published 6:49 AM

Kevin Warsh: The Wall Street insider who wants to be Fed chief

The race to become President Donald Trump's pick for the top job at Federal Reserve is intensifying, and no one has won over Washington -- and Wall Street -- quite like Kevin Warsh.

Published 6:36 AM

Philippines declares war on excessive sitting

The country's labor department said firms must let employees take a five-minute "standing break" every two hours.

Published 6:23 AM

GE in the spotlight; Japan election; May in Brussels

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Published 5:03 AM

South Korea does a sudden U-turn on nuclear power

South Korea is set to power up its nuclear industry again after a government panel recommended restarting work on two reactors.

Published 3:40 AM

TV Academy makes moves to possibly oust Weinstein

The Television Academy could soon become the latest Hollywood organization to distance itself from Harvey Weinstein.

Published 2:45 AM

Debt, old age, stagnation: Japan's economy faces huge challenges

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is betting Japan's economy is in good enough shape to help him win a national election. But he's struggled to tackle its biggest problems.

Published 1:57 AM

Japanese tycoon wants to invest $880 billion in tech

Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son says his Saudi-backed $100 billion Vision Fund just isn't enough.

Published 1:37 AM

Quest: Trump is too obsessed with Wall Street

Read Richard Quest's weekly Profitable Moment.

Published 12:45 AM